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I tried Instrument furniture and I love it!

Finding the perfect furniture is easier said than done.

When you head out to find a wardrobe, it seems like a simple task, right?

But then it dawns on you that you actually don’t have a clue what you’re looking for.

Do I really want a three-door wardrobe? What if I need extra lighting? Does it have enough room for all my shoes?!

And the problem with most stores and online shops is that you’re left entirely to your own devices – and that’s when the problems usually start.

Because I’m indecisive, I don’t know what I really need, and I don’t know where I should even begin!

So, when I found the perfect wardrobe on Instrument, it was a HUGE relief – and it was all so simple.

How easy was it to arrange delivery?

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

When I was browsing the website trying to find the perfect wardrobe, I headed to their ‘delivery’ page to see how it all worked…

And I used the handy interactive map to work out when to expect my delivery, so I could arrange it for a date and time that suited me.

(You can check out all the info on delivery, including the interactive map here).

I’ll be honest – the prospect of assembling a flatpack wardrobe had put me off shopping for one in the first place until I realised there were other options!

The great thing with Instrument is that I didn’t have to do a thing on the day of delivery. Two members of the team arrived, brought everything in, assembled it and even cleaned up after themselves.

Because I wanted peace of mind (and because I don’t trust my own measurements), I sent a photo and video of my bedroom to show their technical team. They took a look and confirmed that the sizing and measurements all looked perfect before they came, so I knew there would be no problems on the day!

It was a HUGE relief after the chaos I’d had when I’d ordered a bed online from another company once before… only for it not to fit.

Having that reassurance was all part of the service, which was second to none.

What about the online shopping experience?

Everything with Instrument was clear, straightforward and easy.

The website makes it simple to compare different collections, find what you’re looking for and filter searches based on what you’re after.

For example, I was looking for a 250cm wardrobe and I liked the look of the pebble grey carcasses after I’d been browsing for a while.

So, I searched for all wardrobes that met those specifications and I was presented with a slimmed-down list of my ideal wardrobes!

We’ve all got much more used to shopping online – but the great thing about Instrument is that they’re not just online because they have an in-person showroom too.

And that means you’ve got the best of both worlds. The ability to shop at your fingertips AND the physical showroom where you can ask real people questions, see the furniture in person and get the feel for what you like and don’t like.

And the best thing?

Every single Instrument flatpack item comes with a full 12-month manufacturer’s warranty – no ifs, buts, maybes, exceptions, or quibbles.

Plus, you’ve also got extended warranties if you order certain collections…

  • Luxury and Custom Wiemann wardrobes come with a full 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Luxury and Custom Celio Wardrobes come with a full 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Luxury and Custom Rauch wardrobes come with a full 10-year manufacturer’s warranty

Want to check out our full wardrobe collection? Just click here to get going!

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