Heroic Plumber Tackles Explosion of Poo in Kent Bathroom

I feel like I need a shower after writing this one

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living: everyone can respect a person who takes real pride in their work.

Of course, another general rule for life is that everyone, at some point, needs to deal with their fair share of s***.

Such was the case with heroic Kent-based plumber Steven Wolf, who spent three hours cleaning a bathroom after a ‘poo volcano’ burst forth from the toilet.

Steven, employed by Argyle Drains, arrived at a basement flat to find the horrific site. He claimed that drainage from the flats above had bypassed a blockage, resulting in what can only be described as a landscape of faeces.

He said: “I was a cleaner 30 years ago, so the smell doesn’t faze me, but when I got home my wife wasn’t happy.

“It smelt so awful she made me sit naked in the porch, she wouldn’t let me in the house.”

Naturally proud of its heroic employee, Argyle Drains posted ‘before and after’ pictures of the bathroom on its Facebook page. Now you can look at them whenever you want, so that you can check yourself the next time you claim to have had a truly s*** day!

While Steven might have risen to the challenge, one of his workmates was “gagging and retching” at the site of the s*** all over the floor. It had even risen high enough to flood the shower tray.

We somehow doubt the owner will be using that shower puff again.

“It was the worst job I’ve ever had, but I was very satisfied at the state I left the flat in,” Steven continued.

“I couldn’t believe how well I’d done. Everything was salvageable apart from underneath the floor.”

Even so, if that were my bathroom I’d probably spend at least a week scrubbing the tiles with bleach before I felt alright to walk in there with bare feet.

Steven, we’re not sure if you’re readying this, but if you are then all we can is this: you deserve a month off for that one!

Image credit: Argyle Drains Ltd

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