‘Dancing Plumber’ Gets Driving Ban for Drug Driving

He was found with blue powder stuck to his teeth

Mark Topen, the world-famous ‘Dancing Plumber’, has been banned from the roads after workmates supposedly spiked his McDonalds burger with drugs.

The 55 year old, who became a Youtube sensation in 2014, ended up in Dundee Sheriff Court after he was found to have ecstasy, etizolam, amphetamine and ethylphenidate in his system whilst behind the wheel.

He claimed that he had been to McDonalds with colleagues, but soon after felt “terrible”.

“I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t take drugs.

“I have reason to believe my meal was spiked. I believe it was meant to be a laugh.”

Geez, Scottish tradies take pranks to a whole new level!

Residents of Tannadice Street in Dundee approached Topen while he was in his car, which was stopped in the middle of the road with the engine running and the lights still on. When the police arrived to arrest him he had slurred speech and blue power stuck to his teeth.

Though a breathalyzer test read zero, he was still taken to police HQ for a DD4 blood sample procedure. The cops soon realised just what Topen had in his system and an examining doctor claimed that the drugs would have impaired his ability to drive.

Topen was found guilty of being in charge of a car while unfit through drink or drugs in April 2016. He was banned from driving for a year and issued with a £500 fine.

Umm… Mark, we aren’t here to judge, but maybe friends who spike your food before letting you go out driving aren’t true friends?

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