Chinese Plasterer Finds Stardom as Calligraphy Artist

Do you have any hidden artistic talents?

There’s a certain truth that many people these days tend to forget: there is something truly special, not to mention impressive, about making something fantastic with your own two hands.

Shi Jianguo, a 27 year old plasterer working in Zhejiang Province, China, has become an online superstar after spending four years teaching himself calligraphy.

Speaking to Nanfang Metropolis Daily back in April, Shi claimed that his ‘hobby’ helped him relax after a long day at work. However once he began streaming his art, which includes classic Hanzi as well as animals such as eagles and tigers, he quickly became an online star.

“I didn’t regard myself as an Internet star. I’m just very lucky,” Shi said. “Since more and more people are focusing on me, I will improve my skills to create more excellent works.”

Once his work went viral, Shi was invited to return to his hometown in Henan Province by the Puyang Painting and Calligraphy Institute. He has been working as a calligrapher and painter since May.

Fields like writing, art and music are always open to genuinely talented individuals, regardless of what they do in their nine to five job. Let’s not forget that Arnold Schwarzenegger made a fortune as a bricklayer before becoming an actor, or that Harrison Ford’s first encounter with George Lucas was as a carpenter putting up shelving.

Do you have any hidden talents? Share your skills below – you could be Internet’s next big star!


Image credit: People’s Daily, China

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