Builder Fined for Not Telling Client How to Cancel His Contract

Luckily the fine wasn't anything near the price of the job itself

A Thornaby builder has been fined for working on an old school friend’s house because he failed to provide information about how to cancel his contract.

Anthony Theakston was hired to build a two-bedroom extension with a carport included underneath back in 2016. While the work itself was completed, the 33 year old was forced to appear in court on Friday where he admitted to not informing his client that he had the right to cancel the contract within 14 days.

Luckily, the consequences were not too dire. The job itself was worth £14,000, but Mr Theakston was only issued a £250 fine, along with an order to pay £25 charges and £85 costs. He will also be able to pay his fine at a rate of £100 a month.

Rebecca Brown, prosecuting, said: “The defendant failed to give a customer notice of his legal right to cancel a contract within 14 days.

“The contract was for the defendant to carry out building work at his home in Thornaby.

“This is simply a case of the defendant not providing a customer with his legal rights.”

Five other charges were brought forward, including unfair trading and fraud by false representation. However, the crown failed to provide any evidence.

It certainly helped that Mr Theakston, 33, carried out his work to a high standard.

“There is no evidence before the court as to any issues with the quality or completion of the work,” said Emma Scott, defending.

“In an ordinary situation he would have provided the written notice.

“He was liaising with someone he went to school with and, given he was a school friend, he thought it wouldn’t be necessary. It was an inadvertent breach.”

So, the dad of two has gotten off with a relatively easily-learned lesson: NEVER ignore the admin for a job, no matter who you are working for!

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