Builder Braves Storm Drain to Rescue Trapped Ducklings

He lifted the drain cover before jumping down to reach them

A heroic Hinckley builder has been praised after a video of him rescuing a family of ducklings was posted online.

Brendan Hawkins was walking along the Ashby Canal when he spotted a mother duck fretting next to a storm drain. Upon further investigation, the dad-of-three saw that a pair of ducklings had fallen down and become trapped inside.

As the incident occurred late on a Sunday night, Brendan quickly found that he could not get a hold of any professional help for the trapped critters. Thus he did what any hero would do in such a situation: he acted.

“The mother duck was just going mental by the grate,” he said.

“I got on my hands and knees and I could hear the ducklings under the drain.

“You don’t like to see animals in distress, so I went home, grabbed a few tools.

“I managed to get it off, it was a bloody heavy drain.”

It wasn’t a clean rescue – in fact, the builder was soon up to his ankles in dirty water! Undeterred, he crouched and started coaxing the birds before scooping them up and returning them to their mother.

“As soon as I let go they went off straight away, the mum was happy,” he continued.

“We all love animals in our house.

“I couldn’t just leave them.”

Indeed, Brendan’s wife Hannah and their two daughters came to record the rescue, though considering how dangerous it can be to go mucking around in storm drains this was probably more for Brendan’s benefit than the poor ducklings.

“It’s a big overflow, they could have been completely separated.”

After posting the footage online, Brendan was quickly hailed as a hero.

One commenter wrote: “You absolute legend well done mate.”

Since then Brendan has spotted the feathered family enjoying life on the canal, though thankfully they now stay well clear of the drain.

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