Aussie Plumber Discovers Gold in Blocked Drain


The owner of the gold ring was still living in the house

A Melbourne plumber has brought joy to a grandmother after reuniting her with her gold wedding ring… 40 years after it went missing!

Shane McKenzie had been working on the home of Rosa Di Pasquale, who emigrated from Italy in 1962 after marrying her husband, Sam. Unfortunately she lost her ring nearly two decades later.

Speaking to Sunrise, Mrs Di Pasquale’s son Vito said: “Like primary school, early high school so it would have been in the late ’70s or maybe the early ’80s when mum lost it.”

While dementia has left her unable to verbally express her gratitude, Rosa was exultant to once again have the ring on her finger.

Of course, this didn’t technically count as a proposition from Mr McKenzie, since he is already married himself.

“The ring had got caught on the corkscrew and it must have had a tree growing through it for how many years,” said Shane.

“I was there to return something that, as a married man, I know is very valuable.”

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